Martin Thibeault's mission is to guide and empower aspiring leaders, igniting their journey towards realizing their dreams and aspirations. With unwavering dedication, he provides mentoring and coaching, nurturing their growth and success. Martin's mission extends to empowering individuals in the pursuit of wealth creation. Martin's mission embodies authenticity, inspiring all to conquer their obstacles and achieve triumph, leaving an indelible mark on the world.


Visionary leader born in 1977 in the serene town of Dolbeau, Canada, and today, a global inspiration. His journey to success is a testament to resilience and transformation.

Before achieving his remarkable success, Martin spent most of his life as a carpenter, crafting the tangible. Yet, in 2010, driven by a thirst for change, he embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure, starting two brick-and-mortar businesses simultaneously. However, the early stages proved challenging, and he faced the heart-wrenching loss of both businesses in 2012, alongside everything he had worked for.

But Martin's narrative takes a captivating turn in 2013 when he discovered network
marketing, a field that would become his path to transformation. He immersed himself as a student of this dynamic industry and embraced it as a catalyst for change. In 2017, he kindled another passion: blockchain technology. Martin saw in blockchain the power to decentralize, offering autonomy, independence, and sovereignty to individuals, enabling peer-to-peer connections on a global scale.

The road to success was not without its hurdles. Martin, a self-proclaimed introvert, grappled with a crippling fear of public speaking, a skill required in his newfound field.

Today, Martin resides in the enchanting island of Malta with his wife, living life on his terms, free from financial stress. As a million-dollar earner in network marketing and a founding member of a direct sales company, he stands on the precipice of achieving a billion-dollar annual milestone.

Born into an average household in northern Quebec, Martin's upbringing was rooted in family values. He journeyed from rebellion in his teenage years, experimenting with drugs, to a profound spiritual exploration. Amidst the challenges of losing his businesses, he faced the heartache of his son's separation.